Natural sounds from Roffa

For city children, nature often means quietude, regularity and cleanliness. Well, forget it, the Rotterdam trio asserts. Nature roars, sizzles, sputters, explodes, buzzes, clashes and rips without mercy. It’s where you really can experience adventures. These three musicians draw inspiration from nature and wrote a soundtrack for volcanic eruptions and other wonders of Mother Earth. That results in a seamless mix of progressive rock, jazz, punk, synth and world music that’s full of surprises. Take our word for it: you’ve never heard anything like this. And yes, you’ll want to. Inimitable and unique, somewhere between King Crimson, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard and Reinier Baas.

Though this trio with a bass hails from the only real city in the Netherlands, they’re more often to be found abroad. Tours in Spain, Greece, the UK: check. Performances at renowned festivals such as North Sea Jazz, WOMAD, Music Meeting, Projazz Cutting Edge: ticked. With the brand-new debut album Resilient Forest (on recycled vinyl and plastic-free CD, of course) under their arm, Daniel, Alba and Alex have finally made it to RAUW to perform a set of natural sounds in their home city.