Hypnotizing groove from Brussels 

The patchwork we call Europe has its headquarters in Brussels. That’s the location of the European Union headquarters, the place where cultures, languages and sounds come together, and where Ambroos De Schepper pricks up his ears. All those influences are audible on Bandler Ching (yes, these four Belgian jazz cats are clearly friends). The composer and saxophonist throws hip-hop, contemporary jazz and global beats into the mix and refines the recipe with influences from noise and electronica. The result? Steamy, modern sounds in which the freedom and adventure of jazz always provides the framework for daring escapades and improvisation.

Modern, bold, exciting, as the first EP Sub Surface showed. You can also move people without getting too worked up about it. Bandler Ching moves along the undercurrent, suddenly activating treacherous tides and thrusts that throb and then recede again. Music like tightrope walking, always searching for a balance between suspense, safety and unexplored areas. Each performance is unique, each show a trip. Step in, let yourself go and be swept along by the ever-reliable De Schepper.