Answer: interfere with him as little as possible! In 100 years of jazz in Rotterdam, Vloeimans is an absolute pivotal player, and Festival Jazz International Rotterdam offers you a unique opportunity to experience his art of improvisation close up in the intimate setting of Verhalenhuis Belvédère.

Eric Vloeimans has been given carte blanche by the festival. All we know is that he is accompanied by guitarist Jorrit Westerhof and cellist Jörg Brinkmann. During previous collaborations with Vloeimans, Westerhof has already demonstrated that, with his preference for exploring the full range of sounds that he can make with his guitar, he is a perfect complement to the dynamic and open playing of the trumpet player. Likewise, Brinkmann doesn’t shirk from seriously manipulating his cello sound with effect pedals. This trio concert could go in any direction, so let yourself be amazed by one of the leading Dutch jazz musicians of our time. The concert will be preceded by a live interview and Q&A session.