FLiNK was previously a key member of the nu jazz group State of Monc, and he’s now experimenting to the full with bassist Luciano Poli and drummer Satin Kalpoe (Anouk, RELAX). Joining the trio on stage is DJ Eni-Less (Stöma). The generous use of effects, crunching synthesizers and (vocal) samples carries the trio’s sound much further than just trumpet, bass and drums. More often than not, FLiNK’s trumpet is fitted with a delay, wah-wah or harmonizer and, more than in his earlier nu jazz days, FLiNK aims for lofty, alienating vistas and constantly changing tones. Just as you are about to be swallowed by these hypnotizing patterns, the group bursts into up-tempo funk, house or drum-and-bass beat. This spring saw the release of its debut album It’s Dangerous