Living legend on crazy trip

This country’s number one jazz figure? The GOAT of the drums? The living legend you find after searching for ‘improvisation’ on Wikipedia. We cannot praise Han Bennink highly enough. The man who would drum the hell out of literally anything is a true musical innovator. End of story. Improvisation races through his veins. He possesses a sixth sense for what can be drummed, and his brains are so wired that he sees possibilities nobody else sees. Han Bennink plays no ordinary concerts. Instead, he takes you on a playful and mind-expanding excursion that lingers long in the memory. Anything is possible.

Bennink embarks on an adventure with young guitarist Jelle Roozenburg. This class act is a permanent member of the New Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra, which means he’s a guarantee for steamy big band jazz. In his other band, Bonsai Panda, he explores the boundary between indie and jazz, where things can get a little edgy and exciting. It’s in this spirit that, specially for RAUW, he’s meeting up with Bennink for a thrilling, creative concert that crosses the boundaries of every genre and can genuinely be called unique. We’re not worthy!