Cologne’s finest in the Netherlands for the first time

You can set off in lots of directions with German musician Heidi Bayer. She became a musician after hearing Sergei Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf before embracing jazz as a teenager. Her own musical vision was formed through a multitude of music schools, internships and exchanges, as well as countless performances and sessions with all kinds of musicians. Now, half a lifetime later, you hear echoes of that grounding here and there, but she has a sound that is entirely her own. One moment she’s blasting the hell out of the speakers, the next she’s caressing your ears with subtlety and refinement, or she’s pumping out dance-floor hits.

And she enjoys recognition. In Cologne, her home base, she was included in the prestigious NICA Artist Development programme; she was selected for international showcase festivals; and now, with her debut album Virtual Leak in her back pocket and post-corona, she can at last perform outside her own country.

This concert is part of an exchange programme with Stadtgarten jazz podium in Cologne, NICA Artist Development and Festival Jazz International Nijmegen. A number of young makers from Rotterdam, Nijmegen and Cologne are giving concerts in the three cities to learn about one another’s music, scenes and professional networks through short residencies, and to build their international careers.