Special project alert!

You have artists who don’t think in terms of pigeon holes, and artists who simply cannot be pigeon-holed. And then you have Jimmi Hueting. Though he might have heard of pigeon holes, this Rotterdammer from Nijmegen (or vice versa), a child of the iPod generation, prefers to shuffle genres, witness his indie band Jo Goes Hunting. Even during his student days at the conservatoriums in The Hague and Rotterdam (yes, graduated with top honours), the boundless sound of this drummer was attracting attention. That was after he’d reached maturing as a teenager by playing with musicians who were old enough to be his grandfather. Is it experimental indie music? Futuristic jazz? Alternative dance? More than anything, we’ve no hesitation in labelling it superb and dazzling.

Purists will relish the abundance of musical ideas that Hueting succeeds in weaving together. Not to mention those synths, the analogue recording techniques or the audible influences of acts like Animal Collective, Balthazar and Thundercat. With Hueting you don’t take the first right turn, but the first three turns left. Brought with bagfuls of bravura and emotion, he achieves a remarkably idiosyncratic and unique sound. In collaboration with Jazz International Rotterdam and specially for RAUW, Jo Goes Hunting will transform into an XL jazz ensemble with no fewer than eleven musicians. Sounds promising. Spectacle and surprise guaranteed, for Hueting too!