Music hacker creates unique sound

Feel free to call her a hacker, for that’s actually what this French vocalist, composer and harpist does: she disrupts, manipulates and tinkers around. Not only with instruments (her harp, for example), but also with her own vocals, and with the rules that define genres. And why not? The first guitar was created through dabbling and experimenting before it became the standard. And it’s the standards, expectations and rules that Perrudin likes to subvert. Who says you can’t use a bass saxophone as a percussion instrument too? Employing effect pedals, uncommon combinations, electronica and manipulating by hand, Perrudin succeeds in creating new sounds that are all her own. That makes her music unrivalled, refreshing and totally fascinating.

If you’re looking for guidance from genres, you end up with jazz, soul, hip-hop and experimental music. Perrudin succeeds in bringing these together in her English and French songs, featuring social commentary on issues such as the ecological and ideological dangers of our time. With three well-received albums to her credit and a growing group of followers around the world, Perrudin is ready to captivate Dutch audiences. As long as it’s on her terms.