By the time she was sixteen she was headlining in clubs in Chile. An encounter with pianist Danilo Pérez led to her relocate to New York, where she studied at the famous Berklee College of Music. Since then she has attracted attention with a remarkable combination of emotional expressiveness, a keen sense of dynamism, and excellent mastery of her instrument. Her saxophone can both whisper softly and sound powerful and defiant, but her tone is always crystal clear. Aldana has won numerous awards, among them the Thelonious Monk International Jazz Competition. For her latest album, entitled Visions, Aldana found inspiration in female artists from Latin America, in particular Frida Kahlo. Aldana draws a line between her own experiences and those of Kahlo as a female artist in a world largely dominated by males. “Wonderful collection: solos in the most stylish tradition of Sonny Rollins,” according to the four-star review from de Volkskrant.