Not exactly a regular orchestra but more a celebration of the musical drop-in session that anybody could join. Hanyo van Oosterom, responsible for the programming at both Dizzy and Grounds, and the organizer of the World Port Jazz Festival, was the driving force behind these evenings. He also organized the follow-up Numoon Festival, where you could easily come across saxophonist Benjamin Herman, trumpet player John Hassel and afrobeat legend Tony Allen sharing the stage with such vocalists as Dwight Tribble and Ursula Rucker.

Festival Jazz International Rotterdam is hosting a unique Numoonlab event, in which avant-gardism, electronica and progressive forms of music will fill the Kantine Walhalla venue at De Kaap: instantly composed, provocative and progressive, and directed by Van Oosterom. It will be clear to everybody why Numoon has been of huge significance to the recent jazz history of the city.