This funk, soul and hip-hop collective made up of fourteen musicians from various musical backgrounds made their mark with tributes to their musical heroes, from Fela Kuti, Gil Scott-Heron and Sly & The Family Stone to J Dilla, Wu-Tang Clan and, recently, to Dr. Dre, at the North Sea Jazz Festival 2019. The band has accompanied artists such as Wu-Tang Clan, Sly5th, Brainpower, Pete Philly, Benjamin Herman and Tony Allen. In addition, the collective of strings, woodwinds, vocalists and percussionists also boasts a solid repertoire of its own. Whether they are arranging the work of an inspiring figure or playing their own numbers, the central thread is that the group always makes a party on stage. At the Festival Jazz International Rotterdam the group is presenting new work of their own, set for release in 2020. A unique sneak preview!