De Kaap Special on 26 October features concepts from previous decades that really pack a punch, among them Crime Jazz, NuMoonLab and the Erasmus Jazz Prize. Also on stage are high-impact musicians such as Eric Vloeimans and Ghasem Batamuntu. Illustrious Rotterdam narrators, to be announced later, will transport you back in time to the jazz scene of bygone days in a story programme full of revelations, anecdotes and images at festival venues on De Kop and De Kaap.

The colour of jazz in all its wonderful shapes and sizes:

Mike Bindraban, chief programmer of Festival Jazz International Rotterdam 2019, explains: Sophie Blussé of Jazz International asked me to shape this edition of the festival as chief programmer. The theme is the celebration of one hundred years of jazz in Rotterdam. […] I looked at the type of jazz Rotterdam has created over the past 30 years. And what is the colour of jazz in all its wonderful shapes and sizes? What is that exactly? To me, it’s urban, hip-hop, multicultural, diverse. That’s kind of the flavour of Rotterdam. […] So we’re going to do something again with Crime Jazz, a blend of ‘spoken word’, hip-hop, visual art and improvised music. Those were legendary evenings organized monthly, not only in Rotown but also at other venues around the city.”

[bron: “Projazz en prodroom” – interview with Mike Bindraban van]