Many music lovers would prefer to capture all their favorite artists with their own cameras. Nice to watch at home, nice for later! We understand that all too well.
However, you do enjoy the music more if you listen and do not take photos, and our hired photographers provide beautiful photos that you can enjoy afterwards on our website and social media.
This is why we have the following camera policy: only accredited press photographers are allowed to take professional cameras and take photos or film recordings during the festival. Other recording equipment, (semi-professional) cameras and cameras with a removable lens are not permitted. IPads and other tablets are also NOT allowed, partly due to the nuisance they create to other members of the public.

Festival visitors are allowed to take compact cameras, but should take into account the following: DO NOT use FLASH (a request from many artists to the festival organization so that they are not disturbed during their performance) and make sure that you do not disturb the sight and pleasure of other spectators.